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Are you abroad and do you need to check a reliability of a partner? is here to help you!

A mechanical factory is in Bulgary to conclude a negotiation for an important work.
Everything is ready and decided, the only missing think are the owner’s signatures. Luckily the president of the Italian Company is at the airport waiting room with his I-pad and he decides to check the economic situation of the Bulgarian company.
So he downloads an E-Report and he inserts the VAT number of the Bulgarian company discovering that this company is not reliable and it has 50% risk indicator. So it is necessary to review the terms since with the current ones would be hard to recover the credit.

Reading again the report he discovered that the person he should have met is not mentioned in this report, so he probably isn’t the manager! This is so serious: the contract could have been void because the person mentioned is not authorized to sign!
Thanks to the E-Report the president immediately come back to the office avoiding to have problems with an unreliable and bad faith company.