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Great Expectation for THE BLUE GREEN REGION ECONOMIC FORUM ESG89 organized on November in Recanati

Infrastructure have always been index of society and rich economies. This association is reinforced by globalization. Physical and digital Infrastructure systems interact every days with each other linking supply chains, people and territories.
Streets, energy, port, airports, services and other communication systems define more efficiency, became productivity engines, although a greater interdependence can increase the vulnerability and the problems about the security and environment risks.
Structural investments helped for an important industrial, agricultural, rural and urban  development .

From our territories and after the highway Foligno-Muccia opened in 2016 that definitively connected Umbria and Marche as the “Quadrilatero” project, we will open an argumentation with some of the most important national and foreign stakeholders to understand how the infrastructure change the economy of our places and how the glocal economy can grow up thank to public and private investors.
It will be opportunity to take a look how is happening at international level  offering a focus on DUBAI EXPO 2020 organized in October..

During the forum it will be discuss with international commercial experts and with diplomatic representatives of some foreign countries to understand what will be the future of  international relationship and the evolution of foreign commerce and how this will change the relationship between countries, between East and West.  We will deepen other topics of DUBAI EXPO 2020 that will take place Middle West, North Africa and South Asia for the first time.
The chosen theme for the Dubai universal exposition  is “Connecting the Minds, Creating the Future”, which resumes the collaboration and cooperation spirit of DUBAI that has permitted to him to have success in exploring new paths of development and innovation.
Through this theme, the EXPO of Dubai 2020 will connect the minds of all the world and helping the participants to mobilize on shared challenges in a Universal Exhibition of unprecedented global reach.

ESG89 GROUP – from Umbria-Marche Bilateral – Glocal Economic Forum presided in October 2018 has decided to reinforce the study meetings  between the stakeholders of Umbria and Marche and not only. It has in fact organized some public and private meetings both in Umbria and Marche as to be permanently present. The Apennines have been a big problem for a long time for the connection and cooperation between these 2 regions.  Now, thank to a daily work of ESG89 the connection target can be reached.
Umbria and Marche can be more important at national and international level if they work together.
The challenge is opened yet, but it represents a great motivation to reinforce the economy of these 2 regions of the Centre of Italy. It is needed to work together to can develop the strength points of this environment, the human and professional characteristics and the development prospects.