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Marcantonini, MCT Italy Srl: Export as a winning factor and a good alternative at the market stagnation

Every company has to confront with a key concept of modern market : competitive advantage, that is  everything that makes a good service of a company better than other competition’s offer.

And exactly these differentiating elements makes MCT Italy unique.
The Marcantonini Concrete Tecnology makes concrete mixing plants for the concrete’s production.
Andrea Marcantonini explains as its success is due to his ability to differentiate his activity and thanks to that he is now a successful entrepreneur.

“We were born and we have always been directed on very personalized installations, we work in a various market, where our competitors makes standard installations made in stock.
We are instead specialized in medium-big custom-made systems, we design everything on the guest’s request so we are in a medium-high price range.
The export is certainly a development winner factor and it is a good alternative at the market stagnation, even if – said Andrea Marcantonini – something is changing in Italy too:
“Since 2010 we have hardly ever worked in Italy. We have always been a company with a foreign vocation, though 70% of sales was in Italy”.
In the past the foreign for us was France, Spain, Switzerland, North Africa and Middle East; today, although the Italian and European market is improving, most of our revenue is in Usa, Canada, Australia, South Corea, Singapore and, again, Middle East.
Achieving these goals required a complicated transition “We had to reorganize the company structure – explains Marcantonini – All our employeers did training courses, we adapted to foreign standards and thanks to that, we have had a great growth”.
In the past we had not many competitors; today we have a great global competition and we have to face difficult challenges every day. We are optimistic!”
“Umbria and Marche are nearest now, thanks to the ongoing commitment of ESG89 – periodic initiatives are very important because they can be important confrontation  and growth’s moments”.
We operate in small regions and therefore we have few opportunities to find ourselves in moments like those organized by ESG89 that are strategic for networking and contributing to entrepreneurial and professional growth.

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“The Umbrian entrepreneur appreciates this effort by calling it a great insight.
“I believe that Umbria and the Marche are complementary; the synergy between these two regions is strategic and constructive and aims at creating a new added value.
The best companies of Umbria, therefore, will be able to find a commercial outlet in the nearby Marche region
and important industrial “.